Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Food for Me! - Last Day

October 31st, 2013

Today was the last day of my mini-Ramadan. I woke up around six, and for breakfast I had french toast, a pear, and some yoghurt. I was feeling full until 12:00 more or less, which is really good compared to the last two days. I believe this was the easiest day out of the three days, and this is because I was already used to not eating around noon. I did start feeling quite hungry around 4:30, and on top of that some teachers had given us candy, so I was extremely tempted to eat. A lot of my classmates ate candy, but even so I resisted; I have to admit it was a bit hard. I did my homework and got my Halloween costume ready, so time would pass by faster. Then I had dinner, and it surprised me how with the average size meal I usually eat I was full. I ate as much as I could but I got used to appreciating every bite (I guess), so I felt no need to eat more. I really liked doing this project, because I could live the sacrifices Muslims have to make for a whole month every year. It was exciting seeing how my body got used to an eating schedule, and how I learnt to appreciate every bit of food. Even though painful at times, I had fun carrying out this experiment! But to be honest, I can't wait to eat Halloween candy tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Food for Me! - Day #2

October 30th, 2013

This morning I woke up around six, a little bit later than yesterday, so I could get a bit more sleep. I had a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, strawberries with yoghurt and milk. I was feeling pretty confident, and to be honest. I think that the first day was the hardest one, maybe I have gotten used to the eating routine by now. During the day I was feeling quite full until the end of second block. Then I started feeling hungry right after P.E. I had a bit of a headache, and I was feeling a bit dizzy. Water did help me a lot throughout the day, and kept me awake too! As soon as I got home I was extremely tempted to eat a granola bar, by I decided to go to he gym and exercise a bit to distract myself. I did not run, only worked my muscles, since I did not have enough energy to do enough cardiovascular activity. When I came up I took a shower, a long nap, and woke up around six. I did some homework and ate dinner. I had a cauliflower cream, salmon, rice and salad. I am feeling pretty energetic as we speak, and I can't wait for tomorrow, my last day!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No food for me! - Day #1

October 29th 2013

Today, Tuesday, I started with my mini- Ramadan experiment. I decided I wanted to do this experiment over the weekend, after talking to my parents. They allowed me to do it and supported me, as long as I was responsible and careful. I started off by researching a bit more about the Ramadan, and it is basically when Muslims fast from food from sunrise to sundown. This happens for 30 days (one month) every year since they turn 13. Severely sick or elderly people are allowed not to fast, as well as small kids and pregnant women. Next, I researched on high-in-protein foods that I could eat and would fill me up for a long time, since I would only be eating two times a day. I discovered that products like oatmeal, cheese, eggs, fish and beans or lentils are not only healthy, but will make you feel less hungry. I went to bed on Sunday as early as possible, since I had to wakeup at 5:45. I honestly was excited, but I was really nervous as well! This morning I woke up very early, and for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, yoghurt with oatmeal, a toast with jam and a glass of milk. To be honest, I was really tired and went to sleep for twenty more minutes (I mean, why not?). By the time I was in school I was still super full, that was until 11:50, more or less. I started feeling hungry, but nothing I could not handle. When I was in third block the hunger got stronger, and I was feeling a bit sleepy. Last block, Science is when things started to get harder. I was starving and I felts as if I had no energy. I started getting a bit of a headache, and on top of that, the lab smelled like melted chocolate (a group was having an experiment that involved sweets). By the time school ended, I was out of energy. I decided not to stay for choir, since I had to stand up and sing for another 45 minutes. I went home and slept for what I felt was about 20 minutes, but in reality I woke up around six. I finished homework and dinner time finally came. I ate lentils with rice and meat, and had some oatmeal cookies for dessert. The moment I started eating was pretty much as good as when you come home from a long tiring day and take a long hot bath. I am currently full and more energetic now. It is amazing how a meal can change your mood in an amount of seconds. If I could change anything, I would probably go to sleep earlier, and during the day, I would try not to think about food as much as I did today. Water was really important, and it really helped me, so I will be refilling my water bottle for tomorrow. I am looking forward for day two; I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Science- Unit 2 Summative Test

This unit's summative test really does show how much I have learned. I feel that compared to last test we had I improved a lot. I understand the unit, types of matter, their characteristics, their changes and their properties. I think that the test is accurate compared to the amount of time I studied, and my critical thinking towards the topics. I think that to improve I should have read some questions more carefully, and maybe add explanation, details or example to how my understanding.

Friday, October 11, 2013

General Reflection August- October

General Reflection: 

1. In which of the core values have you shown the most success? Why?
I think that the core value that I have shown the most success on is responsibility. I think that being responsible is key to learning, because when you do homework and complete projects, you apply what you learn through the quarter. I try to do my homework the day that it is assigned and it is also very important to arrive to class with all materials. 
2. In which of the core values have you shown the most progress or growth? Why?
The core value that I have shown the most success on is communication. This last couple of months I feel that I have improved a lot in portuguese, and therefor I feel that I participate more in class. Also, I feel that in humanities, I ask more question and comment more, which really enhances my learning. 
3. Which core value is most challenging for you? Why?
The core value that is probably the most challenging form me is critical thinking. I think that this is the hardest to do for me, and I really want to improve. 
4. What are your goals for the rest of the school year?
For next year, I really want to get straight A's and complete my goal in Accelerated Math. 

Health Class


Reflection: This quarter during Health class we learned about physical fitness and what to do to maintain it. I read and highlighted the booklet out teacher gave us, we watched some videos, and we watched Supersize Me. We learned how the muscles of our body work, what calories are, and we also learned ways to change our diet and exercise so we could have a healthy body. I feel that overall, I did pretty well in Health class, and the only thing that I would change would be participating a bit more.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spelling Check- French


Reflection: I have really enjoyed taking French class. I fee that I have learned a lot, and that I am improving quickly. The pronunciation is easy to learn, but on the other hand the writing might get a bit confusing. There are a lot of accents and rules that are still to be learned. I think that to become better at this I need to practice more at home and listen to the dialogues. On this spelling check I did really good because I took the time to study with a partner and rewrite the sentences several times.

Math: Partner Quiz


Reflection: I think that overall, I did good in math this year. I learned all the rules, and used helpful tricks that helped me to memorise equations. I feel that I understand everything, and that I have improved a lot since last year. I feel that my mistakes were seen more in calculation problems, that usually happen when I am not fully concentrated. For the rest of the year, I want to get better at doing homework the day it is assigned and I want to be able to do mathematical problems faster.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taking Notes and Studying


Reflection: Science has always been one if the classes where it is fundamental to have notes and to keep track of worksheets in projects. In the past years, I feel that I would take notes, and never really use them, because I didn't understood what they really meant. I was too caught up on writing what was on the board, that I would not pay any attention to the information itself. This year, I decided that I was going to be more organised, have a neater handwriting, and that I was going to copy down things in my own words. I now use my notes much more, and since I keep track of all my worksheets, I can use them as study guides.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Projeto CWW

Reflection: I really enjoyed doing this project. Compared to the essay I had to write last year, for PETAR, I feel that I have progressed in huge amounts. I feel that I have expanded my vocabulary, I am more detailed when writing, and express what I feel and think in a more interesting way. I had fun writing about my experience in CWW, and it was exciting listening to the stories of the rest of my classmates.
Reflexão: Eu realmente gostei de fazer este projeto. Em comparação com a redação que eu tive que escrever para o CWW do ano passado, eu sinto que tenho progredido muito. Eu sinto que eu sei mais vocabulário, eu sou mais detalhada ao escrever e expressar o que eu sento e penso em uma maneira mais interessante. A minha experiência em CWW foi divertida, e foi emocionante ouvir as histórias do resto dos meus colegas de classe.