Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No food for me! - Day #1

October 29th 2013

Today, Tuesday, I started with my mini- Ramadan experiment. I decided I wanted to do this experiment over the weekend, after talking to my parents. They allowed me to do it and supported me, as long as I was responsible and careful. I started off by researching a bit more about the Ramadan, and it is basically when Muslims fast from food from sunrise to sundown. This happens for 30 days (one month) every year since they turn 13. Severely sick or elderly people are allowed not to fast, as well as small kids and pregnant women. Next, I researched on high-in-protein foods that I could eat and would fill me up for a long time, since I would only be eating two times a day. I discovered that products like oatmeal, cheese, eggs, fish and beans or lentils are not only healthy, but will make you feel less hungry. I went to bed on Sunday as early as possible, since I had to wakeup at 5:45. I honestly was excited, but I was really nervous as well! This morning I woke up very early, and for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, yoghurt with oatmeal, a toast with jam and a glass of milk. To be honest, I was really tired and went to sleep for twenty more minutes (I mean, why not?). By the time I was in school I was still super full, that was until 11:50, more or less. I started feeling hungry, but nothing I could not handle. When I was in third block the hunger got stronger, and I was feeling a bit sleepy. Last block, Science is when things started to get harder. I was starving and I felts as if I had no energy. I started getting a bit of a headache, and on top of that, the lab smelled like melted chocolate (a group was having an experiment that involved sweets). By the time school ended, I was out of energy. I decided not to stay for choir, since I had to stand up and sing for another 45 minutes. I went home and slept for what I felt was about 20 minutes, but in reality I woke up around six. I finished homework and dinner time finally came. I ate lentils with rice and meat, and had some oatmeal cookies for dessert. The moment I started eating was pretty much as good as when you come home from a long tiring day and take a long hot bath. I am currently full and more energetic now. It is amazing how a meal can change your mood in an amount of seconds. If I could change anything, I would probably go to sleep earlier, and during the day, I would try not to think about food as much as I did today. Water was really important, and it really helped me, so I will be refilling my water bottle for tomorrow. I am looking forward for day two; I'll keep you posted!

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