Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Food for Me! - Last Day

October 31st, 2013

Today was the last day of my mini-Ramadan. I woke up around six, and for breakfast I had french toast, a pear, and some yoghurt. I was feeling full until 12:00 more or less, which is really good compared to the last two days. I believe this was the easiest day out of the three days, and this is because I was already used to not eating around noon. I did start feeling quite hungry around 4:30, and on top of that some teachers had given us candy, so I was extremely tempted to eat. A lot of my classmates ate candy, but even so I resisted; I have to admit it was a bit hard. I did my homework and got my Halloween costume ready, so time would pass by faster. Then I had dinner, and it surprised me how with the average size meal I usually eat I was full. I ate as much as I could but I got used to appreciating every bite (I guess), so I felt no need to eat more. I really liked doing this project, because I could live the sacrifices Muslims have to make for a whole month every year. It was exciting seeing how my body got used to an eating schedule, and how I learnt to appreciate every bit of food. Even though painful at times, I had fun carrying out this experiment! But to be honest, I can't wait to eat Halloween candy tomorrow!

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