Monday, January 27, 2014

Argumentative Essay 1 Reflection

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-We were told to write an argumentative essay during class, where we had to send the school board an email stating wether or not we were for or against the idea of having a technology fast. Before doing the assignment I did not what to expect. The fact that it was not for a grade calmed me down a bit, but I guess I was still a bit nervous. When writing I was torn, for I did not know what side to take part of and argument. After writing the essay I honestly was not that nervous, I was just pleased it was over with.

-I personally think that some of my  strongest areas of the 6 Traits would be Ideas, because I stuck to my topic and defended my side throughout the whole essay using details and examples. I feel that my Voice was pretty strong as well. I found myself passionate about the topic, and tried to engage the reader by having a constant yet hooking tone.

- I feel that my weaker areas include Word Choice. I feel  could have used more colourful words, making my essay more captivating. I could have also used lively verbs and descriptive words.

-For my next Argumentative Essay I want to expand my vocabulary, so I can make it even more captivating. I also want to improve in my arguments, and the way I defend my topic. I want to be more organised and clear with my ideas and the fluency of my sentences.

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