Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Argumentative Essay Phase #1 & #2

Remember:(phase 1--the most basic phase) What was I asked to do in this Argumentative Essay: The Formation of the Nation of Israel.

Phase one consisted of us first understanding the topic we were going to write about. We had to read with detail and look at both point of view, so we could finally decide what side we wanted to take when writing. This phase was really important because it allowed us to create a strong and powerful essay. 

Understand: (phase 2) What was important about this writing piece for me? Be specific.

I personally think that by writing this essay my reading, understanding and writing skills improved greatly. I feel that I know have more knowledge on how to create a convincing essay and what I need to do to make it an awesome one. Not only this, but I also learned so much about the history of Israel, what is happening currently, and how it has affected the whole world. 

Apply: (phase 3) After reflecting on my first essay on the Blogfolio and setting goals for this argumentative essay, what specific progress did I make? In which areas of writing and/or the 6 Traits?

I personally noticed how word choice can really make or break an essay. When writing this essay I really tried to improve my word choice, adding colourful and strong words, so I could make the essay more convincing.  

Analyze:  (Phase 4) Do I see any patterns in how I approached my writing work? Were the strategies and skills I used this time effective for this writing work and for me as an individual? Explain.

I feel that in all my essays I tend to make the conclusion the weakest one, not on purpose of course. But for this essay I really tried to make it strong, and I feel that I have improved. I tried to restate my points and use words and the information in my sources to convince the reader. 

Evaluate:  (phase 5) In what ways was this argumentative essay different than my first one for me? Explain.

I feel that this argumentative essay is noticeably better than the first one. I now know how to correctly cite information from texts and videos. I feel that in this essay I did what was asked an used this information as frequently as possible. I also took more time investigating on the topic I had to write about.  

Create: (phase 6--the deepest phase) What steps should I take to continue my growth and progress as an argumentative writer or writer in general?

I feel that I should keep writing and practicing, specially argumentative essays. I think that with time and practice I will be able do dominate essay like this, citing sources and winning arguments or debates. I really enjoyed writing this and I am also looking forward to writing more. 

Post Script: 

"Laura- Overall, well done! The vocab & unique voice was very compelling & enjoyable to read. There was a lot of evidence from many sources. Be careful to stay on message & make sure that every fact is tied back to the thesis statement."

I feel that overall I did a great job. As Mrs. Hancock stated, I tried and managed to use as many sources as possible to back up my claims, and tried to make them really strong. I feel that sometimes I went a bit off topic, or didn't really concentrate on the claim being made. 

Both my thesis statement and and conclusion could have been more clear and strong. I feel that I lacked a bit of depth, and some strength as well. The thesis was a bit confusing, and the conclusion a bit vague. 

In general, I feel that I did well, and I certainly improved a lot. I feel proud of my work, because I used sources to back up my claims, and was able to use citations. I feel that I know use more detail, and try to have a wide variety of vocabulary, to make my essay hooking and strong. 

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