Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Geography Reflection

I feel that this year in Geography class, I have learned and improved noticeably. I confidently can state that I know the geography of Africa: countries, capitals and landmarks. My learning techniques changed a bit, comparing with the ones I used about last year. Working with my peers is great strategy that has helped my in learning and understanding the content taught in class. I dedicate more time to online games, and my efficiency on researching has improved. I am really trying to push myself to be more creative and risk-taking. I feel that I usually tend to go to the easy side, the one I am sure I will be able to get a good grade on. Regarding the Essential Questions of the class, I have started to understand them, their importance, and how I can relate them to our learning. Even though I have not reached complete mastery of them, and get confused at times, my goal is to fully know them by the end of the quarter.

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