Monday, March 17, 2014

Classic Partner Read Personal Favorite Post

My personal favorite blog post that me and my dad wrote was the last one. I feel that in this post, the prompt was very interesting, for we had to discuss what ideas we had for the dinner party. I enjoyed having this talk with my dad, because he really helped me get me interested into the whole project. It was also the the last blog post, meaning we had to talk about our reaction to the last part of the book. I was really surprised at how the story turned out to be, like mentioned in the post. Overall I found the project to be very interesting and fun, and the way we had to divide the book took a bit of the pressure off. Being able to discuss it with someone helped me understand it with more depth and I enjoyed it more. I think one of the highlights was that, being able to talk to someone, and hearing their opinions as well. The second highlight of this whole thing is probably the fact that I actually looked forward to continuing with the story, and wanted to find out what happened next.

Here are the screenshots of my post:

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