Monday, March 24, 2014

Eating Disorder Scenario

1) What physical signs of an eating disorder is Mariana developing?
Mariana looks very thin and is constantly tired. She has grown more body hair than usual. When she brushed her hair, a ton of it would come out in the brush as well.

2) What emotional/mental/behavioral signs of an eating disorder is Mariana developing
Mariana is a perfectionist, and constantly wants to be in control. During lunchtime, she is always "busy" with homework and never eats with her friends. She makes up many excuses and continuously says that she is not hungry.

3) What eating disorder do you think she has?
I think that Mariana has anorexia nervosa.

4) What other signs of the eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for?
Usually people with anorexia could be very moody, be depressed even, have brittle nails, and usually wear baggy clothes. If Mariana talked about her body constantly, and always mentioned food as well, this could be a sign of an eating disorder.

5) What can Claudia do to help her friend?
Claudia in a very polite and caring way can talk to Mariana, and provide her with help and support. She could talk to Mariana's parents, a teacher, or a school councillor as well.

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