Monday, April 7, 2014

Humanities Argumentative Essay Reflection


I personally think that by writing this essay my reading, understanding and writing skills improved greatly. I feel that I know have more knowledge on how to create a convincing essay and what I need to do to make it a great one. Not only this, but I also learned so much about the history of Israel, what is happening currently, and how it has affected the whole world. When writing this essay I really tried to improve my word choice, adding colourful and strong words, so I could make the essay more convincing. I think that with time and practice I will be able do dominate essay like this, citing sources and winning arguments or debates. In general, I feel that I did well, and I certainly improved a lot. I feel proud of my work, because I used sources to back up my claims, and was able to use citations. I feel that I now use more detail, and try to have a wide variety of vocabulary, to make my essay hooking and strong. 

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