Monday, April 7, 2014

Science Test Reflection

For the Chemical Reactions Summative Test, I feel I did pretty good. Rather than memorizing the content, I actually understood it. I studied more and took better notes in class, which I feel helped a lot. I have improved when answering critical thinking questions, but I believe I could work more on higher order thinking. For this next quarter, I want to keep up my responsibility to complete all the tasks and assignment. I would like to improve when using the labs that we carry out in class to help my understanding, because I usually feel they confuse me. I am proud of my grade, and overall my learning of this quarter, and I hope I can do even better this next one.

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  1. Laura-

    I am glad to see that you are seeking to understand. I know the acceleration lab that we did recently was bit confusing. What other labs do you find confusing? What strategies for understanding do you use when you get confused during lab work? I agree that you have improved your ability to answer the critical thinking questions on assessments. This definitely documents your growth over time! I would also compliment you on your ability to make real world connections oto what we are learning in class.