Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vision Board

My Vision Board 

Below is a picture of my collage. It contains both words and images of things I want to achieve in the future. I created it so it would help me keep track of my goals and aspirations; I created it to keep me motivated to become the person I want to be. 

One of the pictures that I want to talk about from my board is the one found below. It shows a book laying in the middle of a field of grass. This image represents two major things that are key goals for me. The first one, clearly relates to reading. I have always loved reading, but I feel I could do it more often. Not only does it improve my writing skills and expands my understanding of things, but it allows me to become more creative and open minded. The second thing that I believe this image represents is my "me"time. I feel that with school, family and friends, I barely get to spend any time with just myself. I personally feel the most calm and satisfied when I am doing things that allow me to think and relax. This can be either reading or watching the sunset, taking a bubble bath, etc. We all need some time to destress and enjoy the calm that comes with doing simple things like this. 

In order for me to achieve my goals I need to keep in mind some things. The first one being managing my free time, and the second, prioritizing the things I do during this said time. It basically all goes back to two main things, learning how to not procrastinate and also deciding what to do when I actually have free time. For example, instead of waiting the night before the due date to do my homework, I should start working on it as soon as possible. This way, the homework that I do is done better, and I get more free time that I can use for other non-school related things. Now the second thing, which is also as hard as the first one, is deciding what I want to do with that said time. If I have some time at the end of the day to do anything I want, I need to learn to chose wisely. I would usually opt for an option like watching a T.V. show, or skyping a friend. If I want to achieve my goal, and become a frequent reader, I need to prioritize spending some one-on-one time with myself only, and use the time to relax and think instead. 

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