Wednesday, October 22, 2014

English 9 Peer Review Reflection

For English class we had to write a short story, get it checked by a partner then turn it in. Before I got my story revised by my partner Ida I thought that the story made sense and that there wasn't much where I could improve, however, as I read it out loud to her I realized there was still space to make it a lot better. For starters, I was missing important punctuation like commas, which made the sentence fluency better. I also misused a couple of words, and put them in the wrong context, which made some parts a bit confusing. It was thanks to Ida that I realized I had repeated the word "and" 43 times, or that I hadn't capitalized some proper nouns. What I learned from having a partner revise your work is that sometimes you don't realize you have made some mistakes until you have them pointed out for you. You also get to see what people get from your story, and if they have the reaction you want the reader to have. My partner's criticism was always constructive, and it was never offending. This is essential when you are revising someone's work because you want to help them and encourage them to continue their pieces instead of making them feel bad for the errors they make.  Peer revisions show that although you may think you want to leave your stories just the way it is, it is important to consider other people's opinion as well in order to improve and make the story as good as possible.

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