Monday, October 6, 2014

Mandala Color Wheel

Above is a picture of the mandala color wheel I did in class. For my design I decided to use birds, because they are very simple but are cute as well. I feel that there isn't a particular thing that is emphasized or that stands out, because I wanted the patterns and colors to be balanced to create unity. I really like how the colors turned out, because they are not too bright, which was my aim with this color wheel, since it represents more my style. I also like how the gray backgrounds create contrast with the hearts and birds, because it makes the mandala more eye-catching. If I could change anything, I would probably add more detail to the birds and hearts, maybe by adding more shades, patterns and texture. I enjoyed working with cool colors, because they are more to my liking. When the mandale started coming together, I noticed how the complementary colors really make it much more interesting. I really enjoyed painting this mandale, because it helped me realize the importance of color, value, and shade.

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