Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quarter One Reflection - Integrated Science I, 2014-2015

So far, it has been a good quarter for Science class. I feel like I have been doing well on two Core Values. Critical Thinking being one of them, is usually more challenging for me, which is why I find that I have grown since last year. I have improved because I complete all of my booklets, which help me a lot when I need to study for the test. By knowing all the key information that is in the booklet, I can apply what I have learned by analyzing it more deeply, and relating it to things in my day-to-day life. The second Core Value is Responsibility, because if I didn't stay on task, or took notes on the reading the teacher assigned us, I wouldn't be able to extend my knowledge and therefor think critically.

Upon the next couple of months the Core Value I want to improve in is Risk-Taking. I usually opt for doing things that are more in my comfort zone because I am doubtful of whether a new thing will work out or not. I tend to be very focused on doing good that I end up forgetting the importance of taking risks and trying new things. By improving on this value will help me because I will be able to learn and apply my learning in new ways that I'm not used to. I plan on improving by trying out different learning methods, creating different ways of showing my learning, and trying out different ways of studying.


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