Thursday, October 30, 2014

Self Portrait in the Manner of a Famous Artists or Genre


Above is the image I used for my self-portrait. Below is the painting I created using the picture. 

For my self-portrait I wanted to recreate something simple and almost cartoon-like, with a vibrant background color. I decided to take some inspiration for my technique from the artist Alexander Katz. Below are some of the images that I took guidance from. As it is shown in the paintings that follow, Katz paints using the technique of Modern Realism, with a flat color style. What really caught my attention from his works is that he uses bright, bold colors in his backgrounds, which add interest to the painting. I like that Katz manages to create unity and harmony even if he doesn't incorporate a lot of details or a variety of colors. The reason why I chose the picture above to use as my self-portrait is the expressive content. It is quite a simple image, yet it expresses happiness, which was what I was going for. I managed to add to this theme by using a warm yellow as my background, because it adds to the feeling of joy. 

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