Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Montesquieu and Political Relativism

  • Montesquieu studied human societies all over the world and concluded that while democracy through elections and a separation of powers would best protect liberty, it was not suited for everyone.  Depending on a country’s geography, climate, culture, traditions, religion, and many other factors, other forms of government, including enlightened monarchy, might be the best government. Do you agree? Is democracy better suited to some places than others? Or is it best for the progress of the world that all governments move towards elections and checks on governmental power?

I personally believed that democracy is the key to achieving a society in which rights are respected and harmony is accomplished. Allowing people to choose who they are governed by ensures that everyone's opinions will be taken into account and that the decisions made are purely for the benefit of the people. After all, the government is the one that should be serving the people, and not vise versa, because it is the people that make up a society. Due to diverse geography, climate, culture, religion, traditions, and all the other factors that characterize different societies, people all around the world have different needs. However, I still believe that democracy is still the best suited way of government. As a way to explain this I will use an example of traffic lights. For a country, the red traffic light could mean stop, yet for some countries it could signalise go. All in life is relative, just like the meaning of the color of the traffic lights. However, in both countries, still crossing the intersection when you're not supposed to, leads to the same consequences. Just like with democracy and other forms of government. Even though there have been, and there still are, countries that thrive with a dictator, taking away people's rights is still holding them back from achieving full freedom, no matter the degree. Yes, there are countries that even with a democratic government have struggled to maintain peace, and yes there are countries that thrive with other forms of government. But looking at the issue from an outside perspective one can see that democratic countries have been more successful in keeping people happy and flourishing as a society. Countries do have different needs, and each should be treated to these needs, but that doesn't mean that democracy isn't for them. Setting certain laws that benefit the society, choosing a certain way to execute things, or setting a specific way of government can help their particular needs, but it is still ensured that all that is done is done for the good of the people.

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