Monday, June 1, 2015

9th Grade Health Class Reflection

1. How has your knowledge and understanding of drugs** changed since you have participated in this health course?

Before taking this health class I believed I had an overall good knowledge on drugs and the effect they had. However, I've come to learn that not only are there several different drugs I had no idea existed (or were considered drugs), but that the consequences of consuming them are extremely severe. I now know that marijuana for example, is actually addictive, contrary to popular belief, and that it is a gateway drug that can cause lung cancer. I also now know that hallucinogens are actually addictive as well, and that they cause not only bad hallucination too, but extreme brain damage. Also, drug use not only has an extremely negative effect on the person consuming the drug, but all the people that surround him or her. 

**Drugs Unit: (illegal drugs, addiction, short-term and long-term effects of drugs, changes in relationships and lifestyles, drug laws)
2.  How has your knowledge and understanding of STDs and contraception** changed since you have participated in this health course?

I used to think that there were only three methods to keep yourself from getting pregnant; condoms, birth control pills and abstinence. I have learned, however, that there are more than several different things a couple can do to prevent pregnancies. I also understood that the only way you can prevent getting and STD when having sex is through condoms, and not birth control as well. I learned that there are some STD's that are actually incurable other than AIDS and HIV, like herpes for example, and that they can affect all the organs from your body and that they are very easily passed on.  

**Reproductive Health Unit:   (STDs, STD testing, different types of contraception, how to put on a condom, etc.) 

3. How has your knowledge and understanding of relationships** changed since you have participated in this health course? 

I've learned that depression is a medical condition, not a mood state, and that it has to be taken very seriously, because many people suffer from it. I have also learned that stress has a huge impact on people and the people who surround them, specially if it is way too much stress. Age of consent varies in wide ranges from country to country, which I wasn't really aware of. In order to have sex it is important that the person is ready, and in order to determine that they are many factors, like knowing about the consequences, apply. I've also learned that sexual abuse is not often because the abuser can't control his urge to have sex, but that what they really look for is power. I have also learned the role date rape drugs play in sexual assault and their effects on the body. Finally, I have understood that pressure is very often seen not only from friends and family, but from ourselves. Whether it is pressure to drink, do drugs or have sex, people who surround us play a huge role in influencing us, but that in order to be happy we must do what feels right and healthy for us. 

**Relationships Unit: (Healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships, stress, depression, age of consent, coercion, keeping things cool, pressures for sex, being ready or not for a sexual relationship, recognizing abusive behavior, sexual assault, date rape drugs) 

4. Choose one core value and explain how it represents your learning.

I feel that one core value that really demonstrates my learning this semester is Curious. I say this because I was really interested in expanding my learning about drugs, sex and relationships. I completed my homework, and in my round table I really tried to incorporate new information, that way both me and my classmates learned more. 

5.  What have you most enjoyed about this class?

What I enjoyed the most about this class is that I learned a lot of new things in a lot of detail, things that will really help me right now and in the future. I also liked that we got to ask questions and solve our doubts in class. It was incredibly helpful viewing videos and doing interactive activities in order to really grasp the concepts learned in class. 

Health Class Blog Post: Marijuana

Health Blog 

1) Realistically, do you think marijuana could be legalized for some reasons? How?
I believed that Marijuana does have it's benefits, but to people who are in a serious medical use of it. It wouldn't make sense to legalize a drug that causes lung damaged and is known to increase the chances of testicle and prostate cancer. Furthermore, Marijuana is a drug that tends to lead to other, much more harmful drugs like cocaine, which is extremely dangerous and addictive. However, if the consumption of weed helps patients who are dying deal with the pain or the appetite, I believe it is important to make them as comfortable and as strong for the longest time possible, which is why it would be helpful to legalize it for people with a medical prescription due to their terminal disease

2) Realistically, how could the sale/use of marijuana smoking be controlled if it was legalized?
If this drug were to be legalized, the places that sell it would have to be very strict when allowing people to by. Only people who actually NEED the drug for life or death medical uses should be allowed to purchase it, and medical exams should be required in order for the provision of the drug. 

3) Marijuana is considered a gateway drug to the use of other illegal drugs.  If marijuana smoking was legalized, do you think the use of other illegal drugs would increase or decrease? Why?
The use of other illegal drugs would surely increase, because people often get bored of the high they get from smoking Marijuana, and need something stronger to feel stoned. This will lead to the more frequent use of other drugs like cocaine or Ecstasy, which are extremely dab for the body both physically and mentally. In order to keep this from happening, if a country or state were to legalize a drug they would have to do for medical purposes only, for the safety of everybody.