Monday, June 1, 2015

Health Class Blog Post: Marijuana

Health Blog 

1) Realistically, do you think marijuana could be legalized for some reasons? How?
I believed that Marijuana does have it's benefits, but to people who are in a serious medical use of it. It wouldn't make sense to legalize a drug that causes lung damaged and is known to increase the chances of testicle and prostate cancer. Furthermore, Marijuana is a drug that tends to lead to other, much more harmful drugs like cocaine, which is extremely dangerous and addictive. However, if the consumption of weed helps patients who are dying deal with the pain or the appetite, I believe it is important to make them as comfortable and as strong for the longest time possible, which is why it would be helpful to legalize it for people with a medical prescription due to their terminal disease

2) Realistically, how could the sale/use of marijuana smoking be controlled if it was legalized?
If this drug were to be legalized, the places that sell it would have to be very strict when allowing people to by. Only people who actually NEED the drug for life or death medical uses should be allowed to purchase it, and medical exams should be required in order for the provision of the drug. 

3) Marijuana is considered a gateway drug to the use of other illegal drugs.  If marijuana smoking was legalized, do you think the use of other illegal drugs would increase or decrease? Why?
The use of other illegal drugs would surely increase, because people often get bored of the high they get from smoking Marijuana, and need something stronger to feel stoned. This will lead to the more frequent use of other drugs like cocaine or Ecstasy, which are extremely dab for the body both physically and mentally. In order to keep this from happening, if a country or state were to legalize a drug they would have to do for medical purposes only, for the safety of everybody.

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