Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Drawing from Description

In class we had to choose a partner in order to carry the activity out. One person would choose an object and had to describe it thoroughly in order for the other partner, who didn't know what the object looked like, could draw it.

Below is the object that was given to my partner:

Below is what I drew based on the descriptions my partner gave me:


1. What is interesting about this activity is that we are so used to seeing what we draw, that when it is described to us it becomes a very difficult task to recreate it. It is also very hard to describe an object to somebody else, because what you see may be different from what the other person sees. When describing the adapter for example, where my partner would see two columns next to each other, I would see two rectangles, one on top of the other.

2. I personally think that the objective of this activity was to get us to follow the instructions that our partners were giving us in order for us to pay more attention to the role that lines and spaces play in a composition. We normally just draw the object without paying much attention to the lines, or how the are positioned, which is why this activity helped us improve on that.