Friday, October 2, 2015

My Learning: First Quarter Reflection

I think that in this first quarter I demonstrated growth in class. I believe one of my areas of strength is responsibility, which is the main factors that allowed me to improve as an artist. I always showed up to class and worked as much as I could. I completed all of the assignments we had to do in the textbook and gave my biggest effort whilst creating the actual artwork. I was motivated to do my best, even if I struggled a little bit, which shows determination as well. 

However, in order to grow even more as an artist, I feel I need to be more curios. In order to stand out more I need to do more research, expand my artistic style and be open to doing things more differently. This goes along with being a risk-taker. I want to really work on stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new styles and ideas. 

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